Breakroom Cabinetry

When you think of ordering RTA Frameless Cabinetry, you think of Modern Euro Kitchens, Bath Vanities, and maybe even closets... But remember, "it's just a box and a door." Bella IMC cabinetry can be used in just about any storage application, including breakrooms, which are often overlooked spaces in many businesses.

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Bella IMC's RTA cabinets for breakrooms offer functionality, style, and customization.

With fridge cabinets, microwave cabinets, sinks, walls, bases, and talls, each piece is customizable to the 1/8" of an inch in any direction. This precision ensures a perfect fit for your specific breakroom layout. The vast selection of color options allows you to match your company's branding or create a welcoming atmosphere for employees. Moreover, the option to upgrade drawers for more heavy-duty applications means these cabinets can withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy workplace.

Employee Lockers - A Thoughtful Addition

Adding lockers to your breakroom is a thoughtful way to provide employees with a secure space to store their personal belongings. Bella IMC offers flexibility in locker design, allowing for tall, one or two-door, short, or any combination that suits your needs. This customization ensures that the lockers not only meet the functional requirements of your staff but also blend seamlessly with the overall design of the breakroom.

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Contact us today to get started creating your next breakroom cabinetry for your space or your clients! Our team at Bella IMC is ready to assist you in designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing breakroom that will enhance your employees' daily experience.

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