The Story of Lockdowel’s Stunning Impact

Chad Shelton spent twelve years in the commercial cabinetry industry, struggling with a dwindling skilled labor force and struggling to keep overhead and supply costs down.

Projects took longer and longer to complete. Chad, owner of Bella Innovative Modern Cabinetry (Bella IMC) in Huntertown, Indiana, realized after working 287 days in a row that things had to change. The cabinetry industry was antiquated, and he began searching for opportunities to improve things.

Chad Shelton with Lockdowel

Chad saw an advertisement for Lockdowel and was intrigued. That’s when they began testing the breakthrough fastener system, and after trying the channel lock and spring pin method, Chad knew it was a definite winner. He had the first Lockdowel insertion machine installed to increase efficiency further, and after a few machinery and material changes and leaning out of the shop, Bella IMC was born.

They had entirely switched to the SIMPLEST assembly method for RTA cabinetry that he could have imagined.

The Story of Lockdowel’s Stunning Impact

Once the shop had been set up, the goal was to create a business that was 98% fully automated. With Allmoxy’s online ordering platform, Bella IMC’s client base can now price and enter their orders online. The orders get optimized, sent out to the shop, cut and routed on the CNC, edge banded, Lockdowels inserted, then packed and out the door.

“We went from completing about 25 cabinets a day with the overhead of full staff to operating with less than six employees in the shop and completing 135 cabinets a day.” -Chad Shelton

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